Taco Night!

  In the mood for a quick dinner? How about the ever-adaptable tacos? You only need a handful of ingredients, some of which you probably already have in the fridge or pantry, and about 30 minutes to whip up a tasty meal. Below, we provide you with our favorite vegetarian tacos, with sweet potato and […]


Where Dreams Don’t Fade – Available At Last

NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD – Where Dreams Don’t Fade goes beyond the glory and into the back story of the people that are so often on display, but seldom understood. For every gold medal there are countless numbers of other Kenyans who trained all their lives for their own shot at greatness. For some, giving up their dream is not an option, because it would be a loss of their life style, just like the other runners living and training in Kenya.

Summer’s Best

Summer’s Best

From the EY Archives – A story like this just has to be told – and retold! For everyone who has ever spent a day (or even 10 minutes) in a car with parents and siblings – you know EXACTLY what we mean! Here is one man’s tale of the ~dreaded~ Family Roadtrip.

Megan with Latte

Latte Dah

Came across a link on twitter (thank-you Techweev for always finding and posting interesting pics) and it brought to mind our own coffee dreams!  Not a coffee drinker?  Don’t worry – we’ve got a chai alternative. Jazzed up on caffein, we went digging in our archives to bring back  Cravings in a Foreign Land -penned by Megan Ritchie […]



April 8, 2011 – And The Winner Is…
After an incredibly close race with several front runners, the Judges have finished their deliberations and announced the WINNER! CONGRATULATIONS to JOSEPH SCHUBERT – A Macalester College student who began following via facebook during Martin’s trip to China. Now we know why – Joe spent some time there himself and his best Running Memory makes for an exciting & hilarious tale. Joe – soon you’ll be sporting your sweet new shoes! Check the WINNING Kunming, China Running Story here!

Fun Fact

Fun Fact: Oyster: oys·ter
noun, often attributive \’ȯis-tər\

Definition of OYSTER (Merriam-Webster)
1a : any of various marine bivalve mollusks (family Ostreidae) that have a rough irregular shell closed by a single adductor muscle and include commercially important shellfish b : any of various mollusks resembling or related to the oysters

2: something that is or can be readily made to serve one’s personal ends

From Wikipedia:

William Shakespeare (c:1600) is credited with first using the phrase in his play “The Merry Wives of Windsor” in Act 2, Scene 2, 2-5

Pistol: Why then the world’s mine oyster/which I with sword will open.