Tammela Platt

Tammela grew up in a family that loved to see the world.  She has traveled to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Bolivia, Mexico, Eastern Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Scotland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy (Venice), Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Kenya, as well as all over the U.S.  EY connected with Tammela, through Sam, during our “Best Running Story in a Foreign Country.”  Tammela shared an account of  a solo run in Sniatyn, Ukraine, where she currently lives and serves as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Tammela in Iceland

EY: You’ve managed to cover a lot of ground in your life!  So where are you going on your next trip?

Tammela: Aside from short travels around Ukraine this summer, I’m excited to be meeting up with my family in Berlin in August.

EY: Family obviously plays an important role in your life.  Tell us about a favorite family tradition?

Tammela:  Our cherished two weeks in August at our house on Cape Cod in the little town of Woods Hole. Days go something like this: morning swims at the beach are followed by delicious pastry-and-coffee breakfasts from Pie in the Sky, which is followed by a combination of reading, running, biking, more swimming, napping, and Scrabble-playing.

EY: Sounds like a wonderful way of entertaining yourself- a little of everything.  So aside from traveling and running, what would you claim as your top five  favorite activities?

Tammela:  Top five after those two?  Yoga, music, reading, breakfast/lunch/coffee dates with close friends and writing!

What is one trip that you’d like to take but haven’t yet?

Tammela: London. As a British literature nerd/scholar, it’s an abomination that I haven’t yet been. But it’s at the top of the list!

EY: And when you get there, you can catch up with Will where the two of you can compare travel notes!