Rosemary Mudry

When EY set out to define our site, we knew that Rosemary Mudry would be a perfect consultantif  we could get her attention away from her action packed life of teaching High School Spanish, Coaching (and playing) Field Hockey and Track, Traveling & Hosting Parties, all while pursuing a Masters in Urban Planning.

Hiking in the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica, Rosemary Mudry contemplates her next steps.

EY: You have so many interests.  How do you decide where to put your attention?

Rosemary: You are right.  There are so many issues I feel passionate about.  I’ve found that when I do it my own way, follow my own heart, and make decisions that feel good and make me happy, life is good.

 EY:  And it shows in the choices you’ve made!  So what’s next?

Rosemary: Well, I’m continuing to pursue my passion for Latin America through travel.  This summer I’m heading to my favorite city: Buenos Aires.  I love the pulse of the city; it’s busy but not crowded.  It’s cosmopolitan, culturally rich and also full of quaint tree-line neighborhoods.  I love the way they speak Spanish, the delicious steaks and that there is a cafe on every corner.  This trip I’ll also have a chance to visit their Wine Country- Mendoza…I love the Argentine Malbecs!

EY:  We’ll look forward to a full report!