Shanghai's Pudong Skyline at night, including the pink Oriental Pearl Tower

EY Travel Tips: Shanghai

If you’ve made it as far as Mongolia – why not visit China? Granted it’s another 1384 miles, but depending on where you started, you’re in the neighborhood. And you’re a traveler of the world! So go for it! And if you do, Megan has penned her top 8 tips to make sure the visit is well worth your while! Of course, if you’re not quite ready to go the distance, this is another perfect EY opportunity for vicarious living!

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EY Travel Tips: MONGOLIA

Why visit Mongolia?

According to Will, there are probably a million reasons. How about snow capped mountains? The Gobi Desert? Reindeer? Dinosaur Eggs? Sunshine? Need more? We’ve got ‘em… Make plans or live vicariously…

Will provides his own special travel tips based on first hand experience…



The judging of our “Best Running Story in a Foreign Country Writing Contest” was particularly challenging due to the fact that we received several really great entries. Like our winner – Joe Schubert, EY Contributor Martin Mudry wrote about running in China. Jet lagged…altitude sickness…culture shock? He’s got the cure…


Reaching New Heights writer Martin is off on an adventure in China! He’s traveling around the country on foot and via trains, boats, and buses to find the best views. Here he’s seen climbing his way to the top of Green Lotus Peak overlooking Yangshuo!

More pics of his adventures in China are being posted daily on’s facebook page. Check it out!