I survived Dog Sledding in Mongolia

Entertaining Yourself through Adventure is NOT necessarily for the faint of heart. Will calls this story: “I survived Dog Sledding in Mongolia ~ OR ~ How to put what’s left of a good face on travel adversity.” We would have called it “You Don’t Have To Be Crazy, But..” except we already used that title. Best advice: “Bundle up tight, hold onto your hats and prepare yourself for a chilling ride.” This is the perfect tale for an Armchair Adventurer…


Part 2 – The Engagement

Continued from Part 1 – An Engaging Story:

I had two things remaining on my to do list: 1) find a ring; 2) tell my parents. I didn’t get around to either that day.

It was now April 19th, the day my girlfriend turned 25 and we were meeting for dinner at 6:00. On the family patio I ran into my father…“Dad I’m–getting engaged.” He stood up. “When?” — “In two hours.” — “You better tell your mother”

A Procrastinating Pragmatist With A Heart of Gold

Part 1 – An Engaging Story

How A Procrastinating Pragmatist Rediscovered Romance

I was romantic once. It was late summer and I’d been walking with my girlfriend of somewhere-between-eight-and-nine-years down a rolling, park single-track.

“All I want,” she said, “is a sign that you are committed to this relationship and to me and that we have a future together.”

“Listen,” I said, “give me one year and I’ll do it.”

We’d reached the edge of the park when I had a flash of inspiration. I would propose on her birthday, April 19th. She’d like it. It would be romantic. It would be easy to remember.

At that moment I was excited. I was committed. Then I forgot.