Filmmakers’ Dreams Come True

Runner, and one of the stars of Where Dreams Don’t Fade, Robert Kigen is now officially in the US and will be at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Look forward to meeting Robert at the screenings and other events in Cleveland over the next few weeks.
“Where Dreams Don’t Fade” – co-produced and directed by EY’s very own Martin Mudry, will be screening at the 36th Cleveland International Film Festival running March 22 – April 1. See you there?


Filmmakers Dream of Festival Screening

After months of shooting in the Kenyan highlands, editing footage in Colorado Springs and finally shipping off the completed documentary “Where Dreams Don’t Fade” to some twenty film festivals around the world, Filmakers Alex Nichols and Martin Mudry, the onetime cross-country teammates, have all but crossed the finish line for their project…

An easy way to travel in Kenya

A Perspective on Air Travel

This could pass as an ordinary experience for most of you, but this is the moment that defines my adulthood.  Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I have been used to travelling in public transport vehicles and in rare occasions, get a chance to ride in private vehicles. My first experience on a plane was […]