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Where Dreams Don’t Fade – Available At Last

NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD – Where Dreams Don’t Fade goes beyond the glory and into the back story of the people that are so often on display, but seldom understood. For every gold medal there are countless numbers of other Kenyans who trained all their lives for their own shot at greatness. For some, giving up their dream is not an option, because it would be a loss of their life style, just like the other runners living and training in Kenya.

Throwin’ Down Again!

There are party goers and party throwers. There are amazing stars that shine at both… and of course – the duds who’d best just stick to dinner and a movie. If you think you might be one of the duds – stick with us! We’ve got all the advice and insights you’ll need to become a Party Legend!

Latte Dah

Came across a link on twitter (thank-you Techweev for always finding and posting interesting pics) and it brought to mind our own coffee dreams!  Not a coffee drinker?  Don’t worry – we’ve got a chai alternative. Jazzed up on caffein, we went digging in our archives to bring back  Cravings in a Foreign Land -penned by Megan Ritchie […]

Over The Rainbow

“Go West Young Men” (and Women) – That seems to be a recent theme for several of the EY writers. Megan, Will, and now Martin are all settling (back) in on the West Coast, at least temporarily, that is.

So, does this Sunny Spot really hold the proverbial Pot of Gold? Time will tell for these three – for the rest of us, here’s looking forward to the new entertaining stories and tales it continues to inspire!

Thank-you Cleveland!

  SHOUT-OUT to our  Cleveland Friends and Fans!  Just want to say thanks for making the Premier of “Where Dream’s Don’t Fade” a fantastic success at the 36th International Cleveland Film Festival.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer called the movie “poignant” and picked it out of a line up of about 300 movies to showcase.   […]

Filmmakers’ Dreams Come True

Runner, and one of the stars of Where Dreams Don’t Fade, Robert Kigen is now officially in the US and will be at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Look forward to meeting Robert at the screenings and other events in Cleveland over the next few weeks.
“Where Dreams Don’t Fade” – co-produced and directed by EY’s very own Martin Mudry, will be screening at the 36th Cleveland International Film Festival running March 22 – April 1. See you there?

Sunny Spot Travel Tips

EY is Celebrating Freedom! We’re introducing a new feature this month: Sunny Spot Travel Tips. What better way of experiencing independence and entertaining yourself than by traveling? So as many people celebrate their collective independence this month, we’re going to provide some enticing and useful tips for reveling in the freedom to travel the globe. Enjoy and if you are planning a trip to any of our sunny spots – send us a note and we’ll be happy to provide our insights!