“I’m Looking for a Safe House”

Life getting a little boring? Need a little mystery and intrigue? Then perhaps it’s time to head to Milwaukee. Yes, you heard right – Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Allegedly this Midwestern city serves as a secret refuge for spies engaging in covert operations. We had to find out if it’s true, so sent our ace undercover agent, KB, to see what she could discover. Daring. Audacious. White-knuckle. Claustrophobic. Not to mention – a really good burger. KB leaves no stone unturned in this gripping report.


All Aboard A Scenic Railroad

From recreational opportunities, to gourmet dining, to historical landmarks, the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is truly a beautiful asset to Northeast Ohio. If you’ll be any where close to the area, you definitely need to add it to your “must do” list. If not, then come on board with Kerry who’ll take you along on her first visit through this timeless spot.

hollywood rainbow

Over The Rainbow

“Go West Young Men” (and Women) – That seems to be a recent theme for several of the EY writers. Megan, Will, and now Martin are all settling (back) in on the West Coast, at least temporarily, that is.

So, does this Sunny Spot really hold the proverbial Pot of Gold? Time will tell for these three – for the rest of us, here’s looking forward to the new entertaining stories and tales it continues to inspire!


Road Trip West: The Grand Canyon (Part 3 of 4)

OK – Time for a recap…2000+ mile road trip from Minneapolis to Los Angeles…There’s me – Megan – 23 and “in charge.” Chris – the younger brother and newly 21. The capable and willing Ford Focus who thinks he can. And then there’s, the whiney, high maintenance problem child who weighs us all down: the 5’x8’ U-haul trailer packed full to the ceiling with all of my possessions, being pulled behind the car. So far, in only three days, we’ve made it through 7 states with only a couple more to go. Sounds like a perfect time for a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

(l to r) Robert Kigen, Martin Mudry, Alex Nichols

Thank-you Cleveland!

  SHOUT-OUT to our  Cleveland Friends and Fans!  Just want to say thanks for making the Premier of “Where Dream’s Don’t Fade” a fantastic success at the 36th International Cleveland Film Festival.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer called the movie “poignant” and picked it out of a line up of about 300 movies to showcase.   […]


Road Trip West: The Wigwam Motel (Part 2 of 4)

Continuing on their Road Trip West, Megan writes: “After Americana bliss in Emporia, Kansas, Chris and I continued south for our second day on the road, skirting through Oklahoma, and resting at last in scenic Amarillo, Texas. The following day, we made our way across New Mexico and into Arizona, where we checked into what is quite possibly the coolest motel of all time…”

The Polo Fields in Cleveland's Metroparks

Sunny Spot: Cleveland, Ohio

    SHOUT OUT to our fans in CLEVELAND, OHIO.  This week you have the highest number of hits on the website.  We LOVE it and we wanted to find out what’s happening in your town so we did a little digging.  First – your weather for Wednesday, 12/22/10 – 32 degrees & partly SUNNY, partly cloudy, […]

NOAA Map of US for 12.13.10

Sunny Spot: MIDWEST, USA

SHOUT OUT to our fans in the MIDWEST, USA. First let us say that in the world of, a Sunny Spot is really a state of mind. Therefore, not every Sunny Spot is necessarily warm, or even sunny for that matter! In the Midwest this week, you are in the midst of a Winter Wonderland! Perfect for Entertaining Yourself indoors and out!

Organ Pipe Cactus

Sunny Spot: Scottsdale, Arizona

SHOUT OUT to our fans in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Thanks for checking out – now we want to check out what you’re up to.  So far, it’s clear that you are a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.  #1 – SUNSHINE!  For this first week of December you’ll be SUNNY (mostly) with temperatures in the 70’s.  Nice!   #2 – Amazing Parks.  […]

Great Falls Park, VA

Sunny Spot: Reston, VA

SHOUT OUT to our fans in Reston, Virginia.  You’ve been loyal followers of website since we first went live.  We LOVE it and wanted to find out what you’re up to there! Today’s weather (11/24/10):  Sunny and 53 degrees.  Perfect for the countless outdoor activities within and surrounding your community.  Other Fun Facts:  You […]

Cabot Walking Path

Sunny Spot: Cabot, Arkansas

SHOUT OUT to our fans in CABOT, ARKANSAS.  This week you have the second highest number of hits on the website following Mountain View, California.   We LOVE it and we wanted to find out what you’re up to there! Looks like GOLF is a favorite way of Entertaining Yourself! And you have the perfect weather for it today – Saturday, 11/20/10 – High of 63 degrees & partly SUNNY!