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How to grow a succulent garden (even if you don’t have a yard!):

Watch out! Succulents, which include cactus, are often associated with long, sharp spines, so handling them can be very tricky. Nonetheless, they make great house plants, because you can ignore them for weeks (oops – forgot to water the plants again) and they still survive. Know why? Because Succulents have a special way of handling photosynthesis! Transpiration, (when the carbon dioxide enters the plant and water escapes), takes place at night during the cooler, more humid night hours, and is then stored until daylight when the sun facilitates photosynthesis. This efficient process significantly reduces water loss enabling the plant to self-sustain during long periods without water. How’s that for sensible? And they happily grow in small containers too! Know what that means? It means that anyone, thanks to these great tips from Megan, can brag about a green thumb, even without a yard!

The Key To Sea Kayaking – Part 2

“Have you been sea kayaking before?” said the guy, who was every bit a surfer dude. “Sure, I’ve kayaked before.” (ok -technically not on the ocean, but so be it). “Well, good – wouldn’t want an inexperienced kayaker out on those waves today….they’re reaaaal rough, even for someone who knows what they’re doing.” My heart began to pound as we signed off the waivers and put down the deposit. “Tell us, honestly,” I said. “Are we going to die?”

The Key To Sea Kayaking – Part 1

I’m from Minnesota originally and so “the beach” to me means a day near a lake where the biggest waves we get are from a passing speedboat pulling a couple kids on an inner tube behind it. Nonetheless, following an invitation to go sea kayaking with a couple of friends in Malibu, I said “Sure.” Why not? I mean, I’ve kayaked before. How different can it be on the ocean?

Road Trip West: The Wildfire (Part 4 of 4)

So Close and Yet So Far. It’s the final leg of the Road Trip West. There’s only about another hour and a half ’til LA. And the Heat Is ON…Literally! But driving through fire could be the least of it! With wildfires raging out west again this summer – it seems like the right time to finish this tale. Is there a happy ending in sight?

Road Trip West: The Grand Canyon (Part 3 of 4)

OK – Time for a recap…2000+ mile road trip from Minneapolis to Los Angeles…There’s me – Megan – 23 and “in charge.” Chris – the younger brother and newly 21. The capable and willing Ford Focus who thinks he can. And then there’s, the whiney, high maintenance problem child who weighs us all down: the 5’x8’ U-haul trailer packed full to the ceiling with all of my possessions, being pulled behind the car. So far, in only three days, we’ve made it through 7 states with only a couple more to go. Sounds like a perfect time for a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

Road Trip West: The Wigwam Motel (Part 2 of 4)

Continuing on their Road Trip West, Megan writes: “After Americana bliss in Emporia, Kansas, Chris and I continued south for our second day on the road, skirting through Oklahoma, and resting at last in scenic Amarillo, Texas. The following day, we made our way across New Mexico and into Arizona, where we checked into what is quite possibly the coolest motel of all time…”


There is no doubt that travel inspires all sorts of stories and from time to time, EntertainingYourself.com likes to go beyond our usual content to offer up some fiction and non-fiction that make for a really “good read.” This thought provoking short story was inspired by EY writer Megan Ritchie’s time spent living and studying in Poland.

EY Travel Tips: Shanghai

If you’ve made it as far as Mongolia – why not visit China? Granted it’s another 1384 miles, but depending on where you started, you’re in the neighborhood. And you’re a traveler of the world! So go for it! And if you do, Megan has penned her top 8 tips to make sure the visit is well worth your while! Of course, if you’re not quite ready to go the distance, this is another perfect EY opportunity for vicarious living!