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How to grow a succulent garden (even if you don’t have a yard!):

Watch out! Succulents, which include cactus, are often associated with long, sharp spines, so handling them can be very tricky. Nonetheless, they make great house plants, because you can ignore them for weeks (oops – forgot to water the plants again) and they still survive. Know why? Because Succulents have a special way of handling photosynthesis! Transpiration, (when the carbon dioxide enters the plant and water escapes), takes place at night during the cooler, more humid night hours, and is then stored until daylight when the sun facilitates photosynthesis. This efficient process significantly reduces water loss enabling the plant to self-sustain during long periods without water. How’s that for sensible? And they happily grow in small containers too! Know what that means? It means that anyone, thanks to these great tips from Megan, can brag about a green thumb, even without a yard!