Samantha Kyrkostas

Samantha wakes up every morning thanks to the impeccably punctual rooster that lives in her backyard. Currently serving with the U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine, this New York – Ohio – Bostonite also wakes up dreaming of a decent cup of coffee and a quicker walk to school (where she teaches English to Elementary aged students.) EY first recruited her after reading her blog about her experiences in the Ukraine: At Your Peril, Miss Peace.

Samantha Kyrkostas on a ferry in Istanbul Turkey crossing the Bosphorous from Europe to Asia

EY: You’ve traveled all over the world. What would be your dream vacation right now?

Sam: I would hike the GR20 on Corsica and catch a ferry to Inishmore to sit at the edge of the sea.

EY: Thanks for sharing your amazing stories with our readers! You have such a unique voice. How would your friends describe you?

Sam: My friends would tell you that I like whipping things up and writing things down.

EY: Any vices?

Sam: I am an unabashed fan of lousy television, frozen plums and late night snacks!

EY: That sounds like you! Practically Perfect – even in your vices!