Betsey Horton

EY: If you could have something delivered to your doorstep every morning, what would it be?
Betsey: An iced vanilla latte.

EY: What is the most exciting event you have ever witnessed?

Betsey: This summer, when I was studying in France, I got to attend a Bastille Day celebration. It was really interesting to be able to experience another country’s independence day. I was in Pau, which is a small town in the Pyrenees, but they still went nuts. There were concerts, vendors selling all kinds of food and drinks, people were dancing around in the middle of the street, and the fireworks were very impressive. It made me wonder what the celebrations are like in the bigger cities like Paris or Lyon. But I had a lot of fun with the friends I went with. One of them was from Russia and the other from Iran, so it was really fun to experience the celebration in the company of two people who were also experiencing it for the first time.

EY: What’s your favorite food

Betsey: Crepes with nutella and bananas. I don’t make or eat them very often, but I do that on purpose so that I don’t get sick of them. It’s a treat I make myself when I feel I’ve accomplished something.

EY: When you are having a bad day, what is one thing that you can do to help cheer yourself up?

Betsey: I like to put on some jazz music, get a glass of wine and look at silly pictures of cats on the internet. I know it sounds ridiculous, but those pictures always make me laugh, and all I want to do at the end of a bad day is laugh and forget about it.