Bobby Horton

EY welcomes Bobby Horton to our talented staff.  His first assignment?  Help us grow the site and ramp up our twitter and facebook pages!   How’s that for “diving in head first?”   (Hey -as a former competitive diver – this should be a piece of cake for him!)  Like many of our contributors, Bobby already hosts his own music blog and has a healthy and loyal following.  While Bobby currently resides in South Dakota,  he spent much of his life on the East Coast and claims Montauk Point Lighthouse as one of his all time favorite places.

DJ “BOB 9000″ at the office

EY:  What is it about Montauk that makes it so special?

Bobby:  First – great memories – my family always used to spend summer vacations there.  Beyond that, the views from the lighthouse are just jaw-droppingly beautiful. It’s hard to describe because I’m always too caught up in the beauty to really put words to it. Definitely a must-see.  And the beach is amazing.

EY: (laughs) Anything else?

Bobby: What I wouldn’t do for a cinnamon roll from the circle right now!!

EY: What kind of articles can we expect to see from you? What are your favorite ways of Entertaining Yourself?

Bobby: Top 5: DJing, cooking, reading, making music, and exploring.

EY: When you are having a bad day, what is one thing that you can do to help cheer yourself up?

Bobby: Listen to music or read some spy fiction. Being a DJ, music is my outlet to having a good time, and to showing others around me a good time as well. And spy fiction is a personal favorite of mine because of my fascination with military history and conflict.

EY:  What is the best advice you’ve received?

Bobby:  “Speed comes from slow sustained practice” – Thomas Horton ~ AKA: My Dad!   He’s a drummer and this is always his drum-metaphor for sports and, more importantly, life. I’ve come to learn that it’s hard to be good at something if you never learn how to do it in the first place. So having a proper foundation is always the key to success (old and new).

EY: Glad to have you on board!  Now get busy!