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Sunny Spot Travel Tips

JULY 2011 – Celebrating Independence & Freedom

We’re introducing a new feature this month:  Sunny Spot Travel Tips.    What better way to experience independence than by traveling?  Flying high – breezing down a highway – trekking up a mountain – running in the jungle, swimming in the ocean – or just strolling down a street and discovering the world’s best cup of coffee!  Our writers travel the globe for their own entertainment and adventure and they bring their stories to life on this website under our Sunny Spot page.

Now we’ve decided to take it a step further by providing some unique TIPS on making the most of YOUR travel to these fun and sometimes exotic places.

For example – did you know that in a lovely little back-yard of a private residence, in a small town just outside of Iguazu Falls in Argentina, asking only for a donation, the owners will invite you to enjoy a breathtaking opportunity to watch and feed hummingbirds (as well as parrots, and other colorful Aves).

And this is the truth:  If you can sit very still, the hummingbirds will actually land on your fingers to feed from the globe in your hand!  Talk about a Zen experience.

So How was this out of the way and off the beaten track place discovered?  Rosemary was traveling in the area and coincidentally ran into a friend from college who had just been there because he had heard about it from another friend who had stumbled across it on her travels in the area!  Amazing all the way around!

And here’s a special offer to our readers:  If you’re planning a trip to any of our Sunny Spots (or even a place we haven’t written about) – we invite you to send us a note with your questions and we’ll give you our perspective on the best ways of Entertaining Yourself while you’re on the road or overseas.

Because traveling beyond your everyday life (either for real or through someone else’s account) is an amazing way of experiencing the joy of freedom and growth.

-EY Staff-


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