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YOU are invited!

Time to finalize the guest list for the party, but who to invite?   There are always a few “must asks” including “BF’s, BFF’s and BFBF’s” to name a few.  But will that really guarantee a great party?  No Way!  The best party throwers know that a few select guests will take their party from Decent to […]

A Broad Abroad – Semester at Sea

Ben Affleck got his start on a 13 episode mini-series known as The Voyage of the Mimi; the Sprouse twins took classes on board the SS Tipton on The Suite Life on Deck. Did you watch these shows when you were younger? Semester at Sea is the real deal…classes on a cruise ship and the opportunity to travel around the world!

Beet Week Day 4 – Cupcakes

The BEET goes on (yeah – we said it!) – Rebecca (a notorious beet hater) has been slaving in her kitchen all week trying to find a beet recipe she can actually promote. At long last she finally found a winner with these delicious, ruby red beet cupcakes. If you’re trying to introduce beets to young children, this is clearly the way to go about it! And if you’re trying to win a bet with a beet hater, this might just be the trick!

Beet Week Day 3 – Happy Hour

Roasted Beet Margarita – For the 21 and over crowd, this is worth trying! If nothing else, you get the advantage of liquid courage (thanks to the tequila) to say that you’ve tried beets! Of course, if you’re really a hater, you might need to take that shot of tequila first (just kidding!) Try it – you’ll like it.