Summer Solstice

YOU are invited!


Time to finalize the guest list for the party, but who to invite?   There are always a few “must asks” including “BF’s, BFF’s and BFBF’s” to name a few.  But will that really guarantee a great party?  No Way!  The best party throwers know that a few select guests will take their party from Decent to Off The Charts! 

So who are these dream party goers?

Answer: The ones who always come with the right ‘tude!

Those special people that everyone loves to be around. Think Greta and Chuck.  It just happens that these two party goers are a couple, but they were on every guest list long before they met.  Why?  Because they always bring their “A” game.  That invigorating positivity that makes everyone in their company feel good.

In simple terms, they are fun.

But it’s more complicated than that.

They are charming, charismatic, good looking, easy going and always ready to laugh.  They are seemingly always in a good mood.  And they NEVER say anything the least bit offensive!  About ANYBODY! Or ANYTHING!  REALLY!  Notwithstanding, they don’t judge others at the party who do!  They just gracefully wander off to get a drink or say “hello” to someone else.  Subtle – but powerful!

Meanwhile, it seems like they know everybody and if you ask, everybody will tell you that  they are their best friends.  Why? Because they always appear interested in whatever you have to say and they never disagree, not even for the sake of a good old DE-bate! (see note above about gracefully wandering off)…

Of course, such perfection could grow old and tiresome…  Let’s face it, they won’t be the most memorable guests and they’ll never end up on youtube, but if you can get them to your party, they will always make it a great event.  And that takes a lot of the pressure off of you!

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